Our Rate Card

Many of our customers choose us because of our combination of high quality and affordable prices

Solidity developer services

Middle Developer

Offers competitive pricing for skilled professionals specializing in Solidity, the primary language for smart contract development. With 2 to 5 years of experience, our developers combine technical proficiency with blockchain expertise to deliver high-quality code


Senior Developer

Offering premium expertise in Solidity, the cornerstone language for smart contract development. Our seasoned developers, with over 5 years of hands-on experience, bring advanced proficiency and strategic insights to elevate your blockchain projects


Senior Developer with Audit Compliance

Introducing our Senior Solidity Developer with Audit Compliance Rate Card, a premium offering tailored for projects requiring advanced Solidity expertise and rigorous smart contract auditing. Our seasoned developers, each with over 5 years of experience, ensure code excellence while meeting stringent audit compliance standards.


Senior Developer with EVM Assembly Optimization

Discover our Senior Developer with EVM Assembly Optimization Rate Card, tailored for projects demanding top-tier expertise in Solidity and a focus on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Assembly optimization. Our seasoned developers, each boasting over 5 years of experience, bring unparalleled proficiency in maximizing smart contract performance on the Ethereum blockchain.


Front-end services

Junior Developer

For projects seeking the fresh and dynamic perspective of emerging talent in frontend development. Our Junior Developers bring enthusiasm, creativity, and a foundation of skills to contribute to the visual and interactive aspects of your web applications.


Middle Developer

Perfect blend of experience and innovation for projects requiring a seasoned touch in frontend development. Our Middle Developers bring a solid foundation of skills, a keen eye for design, and a collaborative mindset to elevate the user interface of your web applications.


Lead/Senior Developer

Tailored for projects demanding top-tier expertise and leadership in frontend development. Our seasoned leaders bring extensive experience, strategic vision, and a proven track record of success to drive excellence in user interface design and web application development.


Senior Developer

Introducing our Senior Frontend Developer, tailored for projects that demand the highest caliber of expertise in frontend development. Our Senior Developers bring a wealth of experience, technical mastery, and a strategic mindset to deliver exceptional user interfaces and elevate the overall frontend architecture of your web applications.


Back-end services

Junior Developer

Armed with foundational programming skills and a passion for innovation, our developer is eager to contribute to the back-end architecture of your applications. From database management to server-side scripting, they bring a fresh perspective and a commitment to learning, ensuring your projects are infused with both efficiency and future scalability.


Middle Developer

With a solid foundation in server-side technologies, middleware, and database management, our developer possesses the expertise to optimize your system's performance and scalability. Bridging the gap between foundational skills and advanced capabilities.


Lead/Senior Developer

Bringing a wealth of experience and strategic vision, our developer excels in designing and implementing backend architectures that power mission-critical applications. From optimizing performance to ensuring data security, they lead with a commitment to excellence.


Senior Developer

With a wealth of experience in architecting and optimizing backend systems, our developer is a seasoned expert in crafting solutions that drive performance, scalability, and security. From database design to server-side scripting, they bring a refined skill set to ensure your applications operate at peak efficiency.


DevOps services

Junior DevOps

Explore our Junior DevOps Rate Card, crafted for projects seeking the energy and dedication of emerging talent in the dynamic field of DevOps. Our Junior DevOps Engineers bring enthusiasm, foundational skills, and a proactive mindset to contribute to the automation, collaboration, and efficiency of your development and operations workflows.


Middle DevOps

Tailored for projects requiring a seasoned touch in the complex and crucial domain of DevOps. Our Middle DevOps Engineers bring a balanced blend of experience, technical proficiency, and strategic thinking to streamline your development and operations workflows, fostering collaboration and efficiency.


Intermediate DevOps

Represents a proficiency level where professionals possess a solid understanding and practical experience in implementing DevOps practices. Individuals at this stage typically excel in areas such as continuous integration, deployment automation, and infrastructure as code.


Lead/Senior DevOps

Professionals are seasoned experts who bring extensive experience and strategic vision to the realm of DevOps. These individuals excel in orchestrating and optimizing end-to-end delivery pipelines, implementing advanced automation, and overseeing complex infrastructure as code deployments. With a deep understanding of the latest industry trends and best practices.


Senior DevOps

These individuals possess a deep understanding of DevOps principles and practices, specializing in advanced automation, continuous integration, and infrastructure as code. Senior DevOps engineers are often leaders in implementing scalable and reliable solutions, driving efficiency across the entire software delivery lifecycle.


QA Testing services

Junior QA

Our Junior QA Tester is equipped with foundational testing skills, a keen eye for detail, and a passion for ensuring bug-free, high-performance software. By investing in our Junior QA Tester, you not only enhance your product's reliability but also foster a culture of quality assurance within your development process.


Middle QA

With a proven track record in executing comprehensive test strategies, our Middle QA Tester brings a wealth of expertise to your team. From designing effective test cases to identifying complex bugs, they are adept at ensuring a seamless user experience.


Lead/Senior QA

As a seasoned expert in quality assurance, our Lead/Senior QA Tester brings a wealth of experience in orchestrating comprehensive testing strategies, managing testing teams, and ensuring the flawless delivery of software products. With a focus on advanced testing methodologies, automation, and strategic quality planning, they play a pivotal role in optimizing your development processes.


Senior QA

With a proven track record of leading successful testing initiatives, our Senior QA Tester possesses a wealth of expertise in advanced testing methodologies, automation, and strategic planning. Unleash the full potential of your development process as our Senior QA Tester meticulously identifies and rectifies complex issues, contributing to the delivery of flawless software solutions.


Design services

UI/UX Designer

Our designer seamlessly blends user-centric design principles with cutting-edge aesthetics to create interfaces that captivate and engage. From intuitive navigation to pixel-perfect visual elements, our UX/UI Designer ensures a harmonious fusion of form and function.


Web Designer

Excels in the art of crafting visually compelling and user-friendly websites, ensuring a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality. From eye-catching layouts to responsive design, our Web Designer is committed to delivering a captivating digital experience for your audience.


Other services

Project Manager

Accomplished professional dedicated to steering your initiatives towards triumph. With a proven track record in strategic planning, resource optimization, and deadline adherence, our Project Manager ensures seamless coordination from inception to completion.



Brings a wealth of expertise in creating spaces that seamlessly blend form and function, transforming concepts into awe-inspiring structures. With a meticulous eye for detail, a flair for creativity, and a commitment to sustainability, our Architect is dedicated to delivering architectural excellence.


Lead/Senior web3/Blockchain developer

Visionary professional at the forefront of decentralized innovation. With a robust portfolio of successful blockchain projects, our developer is equipped to lead your team to new heights. From pioneering smart contract development to architecting secure and scalable decentralized applications.


Intermediate web3/Blockchain developer

With a solid foundation in blockchain technologies, this developer brings proficiency in smart contract development, decentralized application (DApp) creation, and blockchain integration. Their expertise lies in implementing innovative solutions that bridge the gap between traditional development and the decentralized future.