September 25, 2023

Project Description

IP NFT - is a project that provides a variety of IT solutions aimed at improving the online presence and digital asset protection of businesses and individuals. Here are some of the main services we offer

Creation and sale of NFT collections: create and sell unique digital collections on Opensea.io , a valuable service for artists and content creators.

Domain Name Protection Resolve disputes over website names and domain names and ensure that they remain the property of the client.

Virtual Space Creation Develop virtual restaurants, stores, and other online spaces.

Digital Content Protection: Protects digital assets such as photos and videos from unauthorized use.

Identity Protection: Protect your personal information online from potential threats.

Blockchain Technology Projects We create various projects based on blockchain technology, such as NFTs and smart contracts, to help businesses and ideas grow online.

Can believe that the digital world is important and needs special solutions. Our team of experts is ready to create and protect your online projects from scratch, making them accessible and profitable for you.

IP&ITdoggie NFT

Project Description

IP&ITdoggie NFT is a unique project that combines the world of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) with the charm of Labrador Retrievers. The project aims to protect and monetize various forms of digital content, including pictures, illustrations, and ideas, on behalf of its community members.


Protecting Digital Assets: Many creators struggle to protect their digital content from unauthorized use or theft. IP&ITdoggie NFT faced the challenge of providing a secure platform for content creators.

Monetization: Turning digital creations into revenue can be challenging for artists and content creators. The project needed to find a way to help its members monetize their work effectively.

Community Engagement: Building an engaged and exclusive community of members is crucial for the success of any NFT project. IP&ITdoggie NFT sought to create a VIP community of Labrador Millionaires.


IP&ITdoggie NFT addressed these challenges through the following strategies:

  • Content Protection: The project utilizes blockchain technology to create NFTs for each piece of digital content, ensuring the provenance and ownership of the assets. This blockchain-backed system provides robust security.
  • Monetization Opportunities: Members of the community can easily tokenize their digital content as NFTs, which can be bought, sold, or traded on the platform. IP&ITdoggie NFT also helps with marketing and sales strategies to maximize profits for creators.


Research and Analysis: The team studied NFT and its application in identity, as well as the challenges in identity verification in social networks.

Design and Development: Developed a robust NFT solution using blockchain.

Smart Contracts: Created smart contracts for identity NFT tokens linked to user profiles.

Implementation and integration: The solution was implemented and integrated with social networks, pilot tests were conducted.


Increased security: the NFT solution reduced the risks of identity theft and fake accounts.

Verification simplified: Social networks can verify users' identities more efficiently.

Empowered users: Users gained more control over identity and data.


LinearDev has a successful track record in developing various NFT projects, including digital NFT art.

The company plans to expand its portfolio of projects by engaging new artists and developers to attract a wider audience.

The company is actively developing its technical expertise, focusing on the security and scalability of NFT platforms.